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Welcome to www.abstracte-kunst.nl

www.abstract-kunst.nl was started in 2005 by Fons Heijnsbroek, Rob den Boer and Vincent van Oss. The site was taken over in 2006 and renewed by Vincent van Oss.
In 2021 I decided to keep it in the air!

This website is intended to make visible, study and promote contemporary abstract art in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands have a long tradition in abstract art which is still maintained. Mondrian stands as a pioneer with his work in which forms from nature have been abstracted. His later paintings focus on the relations between colour planes. These works are considered entirely abstract.

Dutch artists have taken part in international movements including Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual and Fundamental Art. Individual artists have produced highly individual, unique images. To art viewers from outside the Netherlands this may be more obviously visible and more interesting than to the Dutch ‘art world’ which is more directly involved with its own art.

In the 1980s an old ‘feud’ between figurative and abstract art has been settled. Many contemporary visual artists do not feel obliged to make a choice, creating uninhibitedly what comes to mind. Some figurative images are considered more abstract than abstract images, while abstract images may be labelled figurative or ornamental.

The website www.abstracte-kunst.nl offers a collection of contemporary abstract art, rooted in the history of the genre. The website is intended to focus the attention and concentrate it on abstract elements that have remained, or are becoming, visible.

I am delighted to surround myself with images by artists who continue the tradition of Dutch abstract art.

I hope you will enjoy this website and am looking forward to your reactions and new articles.

Vincent van Oss


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