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The Primal Form is Pneumatic by Vincent van Oss November 1st 2010
Joost de Jonge Neo-Modern Synthesis by Peter Frank October 20th 2010
About the work of Navid Nuur

Pictures of the work added

October 7th 2009
Anutosh about his work

Pictures of the work added

October 7th 2009
I am an observer. About the work of Bernadette Beunk August 2nd 2009
Cuckoo's nests About the work of Tom van Kints August 2nd 2009
Non Resolving Dissonent by Joost de Jonge July 13th 2009

Art Abstract restyled online

July 9th 2009

The close connection between simplicity and complexity. About the work of Anneke Klein Kranenbarg

January 19 2009

Vincent van Oss shapes spaces, about his work


May 1st 2007
About the work of Rob den Boer February 28th 2007